First Light Photography Services

Serving the Hampton Roads Community

Real Estate

Including Virtual Staging

First impressions are vital to the success of real estate agents and home-sellers.  Our imagery will amaze your clients and business partners.  More importantly our photographs will attract buyers to your home for a closer look.  



Seniors, Couples Familes, Corporate

Specializing in seniors, couples, family, and corporate on-location portraiture photography.   Portrait sessions are designed to capture beautiful images of your personality and style that you will cherish for a lifetime. 


Fine Art Landscpapes


Our landscape images are available for display in your home or office.  We seek to turn everyday scenes into breathtaking artwork by highlighting the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us. 


Wildlife and flora

From our backyard to the amazing National Parks, we are surrounded by incredible wildlife and a variety of plants that give life to the world outside our doorsteps.   Our goal is to capture, through our lens, their splendor and personality to create fine art images worthy of display.  

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