Pricing Information



$100     up to 1500 s.f.

$125     1501-2500 s.f.
$150     2501-3000 s.f.

$175      3001-3500 s.f.

Call us for a quote for luxury listings.


Twilight & Return Visits:  add $75


Ask about discounts for relocating military families.

Includes high qualilty exterior & interior images that will be available for download the next business day.  Images will be provided in high resolution for printing and lower resolution for web use.  


Rates are based on the size of a "traditional home" and the number of photos typically coincide with the square footage.  The intent is to show the home from the buyer's perspective and walk prospective buyers from the entry through the entire home.  We use wide angle lenses and capture all the interior and exterior spaces from a variety of angles. While each home is individual, clients can expect the following number of images:


     Up to 1500 s.f.     20-25 images

     1501-2500 s.f.     35-32 images

     Over 2501 s.f.      32-35 images


The objective of twilight photography is to capture the entire home during the last 20-30 minutes of sunlight. During this short period of time, we will attempt to capture as many photos as possible, typically 4-5 images, with the focus being on interior and exterior shots which highlight sunset views.  Each home presents opportunities as well as challenges including variables such as weather, colorful sunsets, where the sun sets, property size, etc...


Call us to set up an appointment!


              Jim and Terri








Call us to set up an appointment!


              Jim and Terri


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